Tour Divide post thoughts and thank you.

Hello Grace Tribe!

It’s been 6 days since I conquered the Tour Divide from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.  Six hours after reaching the border, Steve and Jen Nichols rescued me from the desert in their beautiful RV.  The first couple to three days after arriving in Leadville, Co I was numb as if it had all been a dream.  My plan while in Colorado is to get as much needed rest and relaxation, catch up with friends and later teach a few mountain biking clinics. 


Completing the TD is all starting to hit home right now and my body has realized it does not have to ride a 60 lb bike everyday and my appetite is beginning to return.  Please do not offer me the following for at least a year: payday bar, clif bar, bean burritos, trail mix or elephants.

I would like for everyone to know how important they were to my success in this adventure.  Whether it was monetary, advice, text, emails, instagram, wordpress or Facebook posts of encouragement, please know all were and will always be heart felt.  My life is changed forever from this journey.  There are too many supporters to name individually but there are 2 people I would like to recognize. 

First I would like to thank Fischer Hutchens.  29343344_1626594280761727_3075005543790673920_nFisher, in his spare time from his job, family, church, scouts, and coaching of the NICA Team Randolf Raiders, started a GoFundMe account and got the ball rolling to help make my dream come true!  He would give me homework to do when it came to gear selection.  It was crazy how many sleeping bags and air mattresses I tried out between Huntsville, Nashville and Chattanooga. For a rookie, I feel as though I had the absolute perfect gear for the trip.  You may recall, as one of my rookie mistakes, I lost my air mattress early in the trip.  Once I was in a town and could call Fischer, he handled everything and had another air mattress expedited to the next town.  Thank you Fischer!  I hope one day you’ll join me on a bike packing trip!

I think I am not the only person who would like to thank Dan Lysk for all he did with the blog  IMG_4532.jpegOn the days I was out of touch somewhere off the grid, Dan worked his magic!  He managed one way or another to find me and get a text or call through, get information and details to keep everyone informed daily!!! When Dan asked me in December if he could help me with my blog while on the tour I answered immediately with a yes.  He had lots of ideas about the blog and he ran with it!  Dan Lysk you rock and THANK YOU! 

If you live in or near Huntsville feel free to join the Rocket City Cycle Belles at Salty Nuts Brewery August 18, 6 pm hosting me to to give a Tour Divide presentation and meet Dan Lysk in person.

Eye On The Prize Always,

Grace (graciedamnit)

4 thoughts on “Tour Divide post thoughts and thank you.

  1. sherrijane

    It has been a delight to follow you, not just on the TD but throughout the time I’ve known you.
    God Bless

  2. Corrine

    And don’t offer me any Subway sandwiches either! You aren’t doing Leadville, too are you? If so, you are an animal! I’ve been eating like a horse ever since I finished the race!

  3. petuniaflower

    Fischer and Dan have definitely been such a huge part of your journey and we (Grace Tribe) are also in their debt. For whomever supports you, we support them. So, from me, thank you both and thank all for the encouragement given to Grace. I feel this has been a soul journey and I’m super proud of my friend.


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