Day 41 – Rest before final push to Finish!

Hello Grace tribe! THIS IS IT!!! The “final push” “The big finale” We all knew she could and would do it and this is it! Grace has inspired us all.

The past 2 days was pretty rough through Gila National Forrest. There was no water except for what she packed in and filtered out of shallow creeks. There was single-track however and there is pretty much 3 things Grace needs for her survival, food, water and single-track. Some of the trail was rocky and made for some hike a bike and an angry toe. Yes, this toe situation really is not any better. Gila was a wonderful sight, more than she expected. Grace drew inspiration from a road runner she saw and an angry rattle snake she crossed paths with.

Today she will stay in Silver City for a rest day. Grace needs a blinky tail light as hers is not working to start her final push tomorrow at about 3 or 4AM.

Heads up! There is not expected to be any signal or service at the finish. I will bring you a finish update when she finally gets connected again.

THIS IS IT FOLKS!!!! Let’s cheer her on! BLOW HER UP WITH COMMENTS! She sees this and loves you all for it.

Grace’s MTBcast call in from Silver City

2768 – 2648 = 120 miles to go!


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12 thoughts on “Day 41 – Rest before final push to Finish!

  1. Brian Mann

    Extra time at Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery. Good plan!

    Rest up and finish strong tomorrow.

  2. Melissa Wood

    Go Gracie, go!!!!! You are so damn close now and I can’t wait to get the word that you’ve finished! I am living vicariously through you right now and still can’t believe you’re doing this. You are a true rockstar. ❤ you!

  3. Kristine Toone

    Grace… Brian and Kristine Toone are cheering you on! You are so amazing – what a massive effort. I have been watching your photos with awe. Brian just did his first bike-packing trip, from Birmingham to Savannah, and he has new respect for how hard it is to power a bike loaded down with supplies. You have done so well!! Keep on keeping on!!! praying tailwinds to you, and a renewed energy for for these last miles.

  4. Edgar Dalrymple

    I love Gila National area. There is a nice cliff dwelling area. You may not have time or energy for the detour. So glad that you are so close to completing this dream.


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