Day 39 – The Gila

Hello Grace tribe! Last night Grace rolled into Pie Town and being Sunday the Pie shop was open! She was able to redeem her Salsa stem cap for a slice of well deserved Pie! A hostel called the Toaster House is here and is a common stay for Tour Divide racers. Here she had her bike cleaned, serviced and got stocked up. The next 2 days will have limited resources and communication. Grace will be loaded down once again with as much water and food as she can pack, with that said the dreaded Gila climb is ahead.

The finish line is SO close now and our fearless warrior has absolutely kicked this races ass! Nothing is stopping her from this thing now. Her courage and determination has inspired us all! Please help us share these last days on your social media to inspire others.

Today is dedicated to Robert Moore and Maureen Manley both her MS warriors and inspiration. Robert runs through MS and Maureen has been winning against MS on her bike. You both have been in her thoughts on this journey and you inspire her!


2768 – 2510 = 258 miles to go! once she gets to Beaver Head tonight!


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1 thought on “Day 39 – The Gila

  1. Jerry Hayes

    Grace, when we talked in June, you said you didn’t care how long it took, you were going to finish. You’ve got this. I’ve been keeping up with you online and wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and what you’ve accomplished. Bring it home Gracie!


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