Day 37 – On to Grant! for a 120 mile day!

Hello Grace tribe! She rolled out today at 4:30 AM and sent the below video from mile 55. She is shooting for Grant and a 120 mile day. Grace is rested up and feels great!

Grace wants to dedicate today to tour divide vets that have helped her so much! Thank Youa all for your love, support and life saving advice!

Scott Thigpen
Scott McConnell
Bobby Smith
Bonnie Gagnon
Dawson Wheeler
Dan Hensley
Brent Goldstein


2768 – 2346 = 422 miles to go! Once today is complete and Grace makes it to Grant.


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1 thought on “Day 37 – On to Grant! for a 120 mile day!

  1. Tom Gately

    Glad to hear that you got some well deserved rest. You are sounding really strong and in good spirit. Hope the rest of the day goes as well as the first 50 miles. Ride safe and ride strong.


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