Day 35 – This little piggy made me go to the DR.

Hello Grace tribe, Sorry for the late post, Grace is fine, but she did need to see a Doctor today. See photo below, her toe was getting unbearable. This ended up being Cellulitus. She also has chapped lips, which turned out to be infected which caused gland swelling plus she is dehydrated. With that said she needs some down time till she can roll out again. Saturday WAY early, Grace will hit the road and head to the finish line!
Yesterday was one of the hardest yet and she was loaded down with supplies for one of her heaviest bike weight days. Hard technical climbs and sand, she fell over twice… but it was a soft landing. She got hailed on. After the hail it rained on her technical decent. Luckily she has the skills for that. It thundered a good part of the day. Grace saw a bunch of jack rabbits and road through a Christmas tree forrest, so it wasn’t 100% bad
Your words get to Grace and they have been significant to her! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



2768 – 2226 = 542 miles to go!


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10 thoughts on “Day 35 – This little piggy made me go to the DR.

  1. Susan

    Hey Grace…I know your little piggie feels like a big hog. I developed cellulitis when I rode the southern tier…take the rest…it will fix you right up and you WILL FINISH!!! YAY!!!

  2. Ginger

    Well you look like you have been getting fat injections to make your lips look bigger. Your such a diva Gracie 👄. Take care love ya.

  3. Koreen

    Hang in there Grace. When a day or two of rest is needed, take it! Then finish stronger than ever!! You continue to inspire!!


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