Day 34 – Strangers with goodies

Hello Grace tribe, Well… Grace is out of the gate rolling early today. Gotta beat that heat! She rested up last night and had a great stay in Abiquiu. They also had all the supplies she needed for this next stretch. (See photo below) Grace does believe she may never want to see another Cliff Bar after all this.

Yesterday she meet the coolest lady trail angel in El Rito. She gave her 2 frozen bottles of water for my pockets, spray sunscreen and baby wipes then we had lunch! Grace is blown away by the kindness of the people that are out there!

Grace requested to dedicate today to Derek Kozowski, Key donor to this adventure. THANK YOU for believing in Grace and for your incredible generosity and support!


2768 – 2157 = 611 miles to go!


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