Day 33 – Wild fire

Hello Grace tribe, Grace called in this morning. She made it to a very small town and spent the night in their community center (See photo below) This morning some friendly cows woke her up here to start her day. It’s been another rough push these past 2 days and she is getting a little tired. She will push on to Abiquiu to have a modern stay, clean up, resupply and find some rest.

There was a warning of a wild fire and a reroute but she received a text today that all is clear and she can proceed with original route. The past 2 days trail angels really helped out. A nice couple up on Indiana pass gave her fresh water, someone stopped her to give her a banana and a nice cowboy paster let her stay at the community center last night. Kindness is out there folks!


Wild fire reroute.



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2 thoughts on “Day 33 – Wild fire

  1. Eric Zubick

    Wow! Knocking out the miles today. Great job! The weather looks like it might be on your side! Temps look really favorable! I’m waiting to see a pie eating selfie from you!!! You soo got this girl!! Super proud of you!!


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