Day 32 – Whats the frequency Kennith?

Hello Grace tribe! Every now and then the Tour Divide disconnects you from the outside world, today is one of those days for Grace and Mike. They are on the move this AM and are just a few miles away from the New Mexico / Colorado state line. I hope to have word from Grace tonight and update you on the daily shenanigans.

Until then below is a video from this past Saturday when Grace’s friend Bobby Smith surprised her on trail. It’s a must watch!


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4 thoughts on “Day 32 – Whats the frequency Kennith?

  1. Eric Zubick

    So cool!! I love the surprise reaction. It must feel so incredible to see a friend out in the middle of nowhere!! This is awesome!! Seal the deal girl!

  2. petuniaflower

    Wow, what a happy teaction. Way to scream happy, Grace! That was heartwarming to watch. Isnt life grand! Pedal forward❤️

  3. Heather Pequignot Stofer

    Grace, you are amazing! I sit here and watch you day after day and I am amazed at your strength, determination and overall zeal for life. I hate a ten mile ride with climbs and you do what I view as impossible. Can’t wait to celebrate your finish!


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