Day 31 – Nature’s wrath

Hello Grace tribe! Grace and Mike should be completing Colorado today and rolling into New Mexico! With 2000 miles behind them the finish line is in sight! It’s been hard days with mostly head winds and uphills. Marshall pass was particularly hard and had about 25 miles of washboard terrain to the summit. They have been hit with thunderstorms each day and actually had to wait one out for a 1/2 hour because it was so vicious. The rain is good and it dampens the dust, they have been getting dusted by passing vehicles.

They are finding water on trail and filtering what they need. The trail the past 2 days has offered some fun with some single track. One one sweet section they were greeted by Grace’s Friend Bobby Smith who is a TD finisher. They ended up visiting with him over dinner.

The next 2 days Grace expects no connectivity. I will keep you as posted as I can.

Thank you for all the words of encouragement! This does make it to Grace and is her fuel to Hammer on!


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3 thoughts on “Day 31 – Nature’s wrath

  1. Patti Ferguson

    Gracie, Oh My. You have come so far. You are one of the strongest willed people I have ever met. What determination, passion and positive thinking can do and you have them all. Warrior you are. Now pedal on and stay safe. Your almost at your prize. I’m so proud as I’ve told you a hundred times but it’s so true and makes my heart swell to know you and what you have worked for and have overcome.


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