Day 29 – Laying out the plan

Hello Grace tribe, The night before last night a terrible storm set in, Mike and Grace had to rush to set up shelter and tents. They got camp set up in a sage field just in time before the worse hit and it rained all night. (See tent sunrise photo below and Grace in tent during storm pictures)

Earlier in the day they intersected with the Firecracker 50 MTB race. Grace heard a voice, it was racer Christie with team Ergon, as she quickly passed she called out Grace’s name and said she had been following her journey on Tour Divide.

That after noon they happened upon a coffee shop and a complete stranger in front of them in line told the order taker he could be covering the 2 people behind him in line (Grace & Mike) It’s a special day when a trail angel gives such a kind gesture. They ended up sitting with this nice man at the Brown Dog Coffee shop and visiting. While here they were able to stop at Absolute bikes were they ran into a friend Andrea Wilson who is formally from Memphis. Small world! Grace knows her from racing in the south.

Grace and Mike are getting tired. Today has a lot of climbing and they will see their highest altitude soon… 13K, but the grade is gradual as it’s a rails to trails path. They stayed in Poncha Springs last night and are stock up on supplies for another night on the trail camping.

For those wondering how much longer, below is a photo of the plan Grace and Mike will stick to for the finish line.

Grace asked for a special shout out to Eric Zubick, for his encouragement and positive energy he has been giving here on this journey!





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3 thoughts on “Day 29 – Laying out the plan

  1. Bette Benson

    Hello Grace and happy trails to you my friend. I love keeping up with your progress and seeing your photos. You are doing so well…I am proud to call you my friend. ❤️💞♥️❣️

  2. Jim Scholan

    I was amazed to meet someone from Bama at a coffee shop in Salida being from Hazel Green…I enjoyed talking to them and buying them breakfast


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