Day 25 – On to Silverthorne

Hello Grace tribe, I had a quick text from Grace last night with some photos. She is doing good but had a bit of the MS “Elvis leg” yesterday, as the days get warmer now it adds to the challenge of having MS. The course offered a 1 1/2 hour hike a bike section yesterday that was tough. Steamboat springs was a good little stop and she was able to stock up on some needs to go forth. Grace camped last night and is on her way to Silverthorne.

With the Tour de France just days away here is something to think about. Riders in TDF are pampered everyday and just need to get on the bike and ride. Yes… ride hard and fast and it’s super challenging, I am not going to say it’s easy. Riders on Tour Divide are self supported and everyday just about is a Mountain day on a heavy bike with all your supplies with similar mileage or more than a day at the TDF.  Watching Tour Divide this year and watching Grace kick it’s ass reminds me of what an insanely difficult challenge this is. Bravo to Grace and all who tackle Tour Divide.




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3 thoughts on “Day 25 – On to Silverthorne

  1. petuniaflower

    Gracie, I know the heat isn’t a MS friend. You may have to take a few breaks when you see a cool looking spring and just hop in. Cool down. You know this already but I’m just reminding you. I’m so proud of you I cannot express. Just know the world is behind you, cheering you on. Your world. I still wish I could meet you at the end of this. Who know’s. Love and hugs to you and you are a strong, heck of a woman, WARRIOR!!!

  2. Vicki

    Hey Grace I’m so proud of you as you tackle this day in and day out. Even without MS this a tough journe for anyone. Hang in there my friend. Sending ♥️


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