Day 22 – The sound of silance

Hello Grace tribe!  Yesterday was a windy 87 miles with very strong side winds. Grace is 22 days in now and a little more than half way done with Tour Divide! She is still doing really well and sounds awesome! Grace had a great stay at Wild Bills Bed and Breakfast last night and raved about the cherry pie. She is now fully charged up for the next push. The next 2 days I don’t expect to hear from Grace as any resources and communications will be scarce. Grace caught up with Mike Patten who is riding the divide for NICA Pennsylvania and will be riding with him. It’s going to be flat and super windy so it all be great for her to have Mike to ride with. They are both loaded down with all they need food and water wise for the next 2 days.

Good news, she now no longer has to keep bear spray. So that danger is now behind her. Whew!

Grace wants to dedicate this Saturday and Sunday to Tommy Reagh of Trailhead bikes. He is one of Grace’s original MTB friends. She thanks him so much for all his help on this journey and for helping the future of MTBing with NICA and all cycling causes in Alabama. If you are in Huntsville stop on in and give him some love at his shop!




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