Day 21 – Atlantic City

Hello Grace tribe! I got a surprise phone call from Grace last night. She expected to stay in a “shed” away from any signal, but ended up rolling 25 miles further than expected into Pinedale! She will pick up her new bed roll while here. Lots of camping is now ahead.

Grace sounds great! I think she is getting stronger. She topped out Union pass yesterday at 10K and says she has zero effects of altitude. Getting over union pass started at 8:20 AM and she topped it out and started her decent at 1:20 PM. Up on Union pass she saw a ton of deer and another moose. Seeing animals has really be an unexpected experience she really enjoys. On the climb up she saw a lot of bear poop but no bears, Grace will sing and yell a lot to scare them off just in case they are still around.

The decent was super sketchy, but you all know Grace is a world class Mountain biker and this is her jam. After the decent she ran up on a Bar called That Place in Cora, WY which was another nice surprise for the day.


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5 thoughts on “Day 21 – Atlantic City

  1. Koreen

    We are still with you Grace! You know you really are in the face of MS. It is so inspiring to watch you crush this goal! Thank you for being the one to show us that anything is possible. ❤ ❤

  2. petuniaflower

    Beautiful country you’re traveling. Thank you for the video’s, pictures and letting us be a tiny part of this tremendous ride! You are kicking ass. Take that, MS!!!!! You are so strong and what an inspiration. Love you bunches.

  3. Regi Northover

    Hi Gracie-Belle!
    I read this blog every day and cheer you on in my mind. I’m super impressed with how strong you are and how far you’ve come! I keep my thumbs squeezed (German way) for a crash and other incident free finish. Looking forward to seeing you in August, my friend.
    Love you!! Regi

  4. SueAnn Hardin

    You’re Amazing!! Praying for you!! We’re going to be in Keystone but in a few weeks, so we’ll miss you!! 😦 Proud of you!!


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