Day 20 – Yellowstone

Hello Grace tribe! We got caught up last night on a mixed call, some VOIP, Text and regular cell phone. When you get out as far as she is now communications have their challenges. She had another incredible day with a tailwind, she sounded pumped and full of energy. Grace is also getting to a point in the ride where she is using extra chamois butter. Cyclists… you know what I mean.

In her words:
“Ater Togwotee I was so excited that I made it to the top. I just simply assumed that I was just gonna descend the other side. I suited up with my rain jacket for the descent and dropped in for a good 5 to 8 minutes before I realized my turn was at the very top. Needless to say of course I had to climb backup to stay true to the course. That little section was called Wind River. It was real rutted out from ATB’s and still had a lot of snow drifts that turned muddy and slushy.
I’m at a camper cabin at lava lodge. Tomorrow has a very steep long climb of course. And there’s been a lot of bear activity, it’s very remote from here to Pinedale. So I’m gonna stay about 3/4 of the way at a bikers only inn.  I spoke to the gentleman tonight and it’s basically just a shed with bed. Just like tonight I use my sleeping bag. Nice to not have to set up and take down my tent.”
Live from 307 Country this AM


Grace reporting live from the “Cabin Camper”

This video is from the day before, sorry for delay. Grace had no connectivity.



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