Day 19 – Grand Tetons

Hello Grace tribe! Grace had an incredible ride yesterday, 82 miles of tailwind to Flagg Ranch, Wyoming. The day started on a gravel Rails to Trail path that reminded her of a pump track. She said it was a lot of fun to ride and the scenery was incredible, it looked down on a breath taking beautiful river for a while.
Early yesterday morning she ran up on a family camping and they offered her breakfast and coffee. The kindness of strangers is abundant out there.
At one point she had to wade through a creek and this of course made her shoes wet. She took a rare break to enjoy the scenery and the day to change socks and dry her feet. This was also a great time for her to reflect on the journey thus far and a good time for her to rest. The Face of MS is different for all MS sufferers, Grace experiences fatigue and vision challenges mainly but pushes through.

Last night we spoke on a land line and she sounded GREAT! There was no Wi-Fi or cell service, so we don’t have much media to show you today. Just a few photos of the scenery and the man who offered her breakfast.
Today she is on to Lava Mountain, 77 miles down the trail and is looking at 7700 feet of climbing. Colorado is in her sights next week and this will be a big mile stone in this journey.
Thank you all for your love and support, Last night while on the phone with her, I read her some of your comments since she had no internet service. She is truly touched by you all and thanks you so much.


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3 thoughts on “Day 19 – Grand Tetons

  1. Greg New

    You are doing so well Grace and you are on the some of the best parts of the route now. Enjoy it while you can it will all be over before you know it.


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