Day 18 – That was a HUGE moose!

Hello Grace tribe, 1000 Miles in the books and Grace is rolling strong. Today she is heading 82 miles on into Flag Ranch. She had an amazing day yesterday, a tailwind pushed her almost all day. Northbound racers are starting to intersect with Southbound racers. Yesterday she crossed paths with some nice gentleman from Belgium and one of them gave her a very cool Belgium flag. She saw a HUGE moose and later saw 3 Bald Eagles roosting together in one tree. The curious cows she keeps seeing make her smile.
Grace did lose her bed roll / mattress, she thinks on a downhill. Luckily Fisher Hutchens is sending her a new one to meet her on one of her next stops, Pinedale.



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3 thoughts on “Day 18 – That was a HUGE moose!

  1. Ashleigh wilson

    Goodness your pictures are amazing!!! Great day riding Grace. Devin, my friend Michelle and I collectively got 34.5 miles on the Greenway for you today. Hope to pick up more this week! Stay strong!!

  2. erwin lemmens

    O gracie!

    It was so nice to meet you on the road, we treasure all the encounters with all Nice people on the divide. So inspiring!

    Tailwind for you !!! (although that means we northbounders have the wind against us 😀)

    1000 of Greetings
    Steven en Erwin from Belgium 😀


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