Day 17 – Idaho!?… you da hoe!!

Hello and happy Sunday Grace tribe! Well… I heard from our fearless warrior last night via text. It’s been a tough go the last 2 days but Grace is rolling strong! Montana is finally in her rear view mirror and it’s on to Idaho.


In her words:
“Gonna get out of here early around 7 hopefully.  Gonna ride 86 to Island park.  Idaho… Yesterday I saw the first northbounder and found my mo. Aka Momentos also known as momentum.   A little American Flag I tied it on to my tail bag. Guess what apparently my air mattress did fly out of my sweet roll. I noticed it last night when I was setting up camp. Slept with no air mattress.   Today was animal Kingdom day with a tail wind. Last night at stormed very badly I stayed warm and cozy. Was a beautiful bluebird day this morning. But the road was so freakin muddy. I hide my bike on a cow path in the sage pushes for about 2 hours. After that the tail wind and all the animals made the day glorious. Although I am very tired. I saw 4 and Alope a deer a bear a bunch of gofers  And a bald Eagle. Just absolutely gorgeous scenery check out the pictures.”

Folks, Grace LOVES to know when you are virtually riding with her. GREAT job Bella and Drew!
“Team Ride with Grace (Bella and Drew) rode 77 miles in 7 hours at the 12 Hours of Tsali.” -Erin






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9 thoughts on “Day 17 – Idaho!?… you da hoe!!

  1. Vicki Mitchell

    You go Grace!! So excited for you living your dream 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ Love you Ms Gracie and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. petuniaflower

    I think of you often. A little worry, excitement and admiration. Don’t push it but just “do it”.E Enjoy the moments. Stop and smile. Then, Warrior On! You have the world cheering you on but always use your noodle. I miss you and all is well on the homefront. Love and big hugs.

  3. Christine

    The scenery is just amazing! It was good to hear you laugh. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your journey with us! Do you think we can get an Amazon Drone to drop off a new mattress to you?!?!?!?! Love and miss you. Keep Calm & Ride On

  4. Koreen

    Go Grace! I’ll bet you are seeing some spectacular things out there. Rest if you need it… Mexico isn’t going anywhere! Hugs and warmth sent your way.

  5. Bette Benson

    Hello Grace, I am proud to say you are brave and adventurous. And I am sorry you lost your air mattress and had to sleep without it. Hopefully it will be replaced at your next stopping point.
    Enjoy the process and keep smiling Grace. You can do this!! Good vibes and positive energy to you Grace!!

  6. Eric Zubick

    Grace, who you calling a hoe?;) We’re all so proud of you! You’re out there on your terms writing your story of how to Conquer the Divide. One bite at a time. I’m so stoked to see you leave Montana! What a huge success! 1000 miles behind you Wholly Guacamole! That’s amazing!! You are bringing stoke and excitement to all that are following you! Not to mention anyone that hears about your journey. Thank you for inspiring me/us!!


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