Day 15 – Turns out bears like ear scratches.

Hello Grace tribe! After some bicycle maintenance in Butte yesterday, Grace rolled on to Wise River. 

In her words:

“Yesterday was hard because I had to stop to put my rain jacket on, stop to take it off, stop to put my rain jacket back on, stop to put my puffy hoodie back on under my rain jacket. It was a lot of hike a bike in rain on, I saw a my 1st bear, and hopefully last. Gina Evan’s owner of Linked Adventures found me just as I was about to go up my 1st pass of the day. She offered all kinds a trail angel information. Gina pulled up in front of me with her van loaded with bikes, got out and called my name. That was really exciting.”

“Then there was fleecer ridge. I’ve heard about the infamous ridge from the 1st time I ever even heard about the tour divide. It rained on me on and off as I was hiking my bike up the very last part. Fortunately when I got to the top it quit raining. The decent was insane.  I rode the 1st quarter and knew that it was about to drop from what I’ve heard from everyone. And sure enough it had to have been about a 20% grade. It took about 45 minutes to hike down it. It was super slick, had loose rocks and was muddy.  Once I got off of fleecer ridge it literally was a fun fast downhill into Wise River where I spent the night at the cutest little motel/bar restaurant”

Today Grace will set sights to Lima, MT as a her destination! almost to Idaho!

Grace dedicates today ride to Huntsville Area NICA Graduates:  Caitlyn Parker, Tristan Mariani, Matthew Schachle, Tristen Hunnewell




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