Day 14 – the MTB vibe

Good day Grace tribe! Our fearless warrior is kicking ass. Yesterday she completed 75 miles with 6700 K of climbing. Remember she has a little over 50 pounds of bike/gear and is a meek 105 pounds her self. Yesterday she tackled 3 passes, the last one was a blast for her and it had a lot of single track, this gave Grace the giggles as Mountain biking is her passion. 

She did have a little incident with a dog bite, well it was more like a nip. Grace rolled up on an old mountain man driving an old beat up Dotson pick up truck with a Rottweiler mix dog following. The dog noticed her and did get a “nip” in, her booties shielded her from a more serious bite. The Old man did take notice and called Rocky off and told him to stop bitting people. 

This morning Grace will visit a bicycle shop and get the Ol’ Salsa Cutthroat checked over and tuned up. Then it’s on to Wise River where she will spent the night camping. She sounds great and ready to keep rolling! 

Let me know if you have any questions for Grace, we speak ever night. I will post the question and answer here. Email questions to:


Thank you to Southern Carnage for virtually riding with Grace yesterday, she feels your love and support!


In her words, from trail.

Some views from Grace on trail.


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5 thoughts on “Day 14 – the MTB vibe

  1. Claudia

    I love, love, LOVE these updates! I know how she’s doing, where she’s at, and that she may look tired (or fresh!) but is still on her merry way, kicking ass and having fun! Thank you for posting these!!!

  2. Carey Lowery


    Any weird cravings you’ve had out in the Divide?

    Glad you are in your happy place. Keep it rolling and keep smiling!

  3. Eric Zubick

    Wow! Nice day on the bike! I can’t wait to see you get out of Montana! Keep it up Girl! The Zubick’s are rooting you on every moment!!!


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