Day 13 – On to Butte

Hello Grace tribe! As promised, yesterday was a challenging day. It rained all day which made the descents very cold. Grace saw her highest altitude so far, 7700 feet and really felt it. The 70-mile route to Helena greeted Grace with a closed to cars washed out road and she had her first crash of the tour. She is fine, no damage to the bike or her.

She is feeling strong today and will push on to Butte, MT

Grace is dedicating and virtually riding with the Wednesday Gravel Grind – Southern Carnage, Jory Mitchell and crew!

7 thoughts on “Day 13 – On to Butte

  1. Eric Zubick

    A day in the rain! Wow! Embrace the struggles. They are what makes the adventure so powerful. We pride ourselves on overcoming whatever is in our path. You live it everyday! Your strength and determination is so powerful! You are truly amazing!

  2. petuniaflower

    Hey beautiful girl! Keep on keepin on! You’ve got what it takes to get to Butte and then on to the head of this elephant. Gosh, how will you eat his skull. Did you bring a hammer? Think of you daily with positive knowledge that you will finish this. I will bow to you at the end. Love you, Gracie.

  3. Tom Gately

    Really enjoyed todays video. Sounds like quite a struggle of a day but you are strong and resilient. Looking forward to tomorrows video and following along your great adventure. Keep biting away at that elephant.


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