Day 10 – Birds with bear whistles

Hello Everyone, Grace checked in this AM. She sounded all rested up. Last night she was able to stay in a lodge, this really helps her recharge.20180616_202113 Yesterday she took it easy, below is her Wahoo stats for the day.

Grace is always making friends, last night she meet a nice lady named Kiki from Bend Oregon who has been out for 10 weeks on a road tour. (See photos below) visiting with Kiki really revved Grace back up!

You learn a lot on an adventure like this, Grace recently learned how to tell what bears are in the area by the poop you see here and there. Black bear poop is just that, poop… Brown bear poop has bear spray and whistles in it. So, if you ever spent time in bear county whistles are used to let the bear know you are there and hopefully they stay away. She has experienced birds that “parrot” the bear whistles and has found this very entertaining on route.

Today Grace is onward to Lincoln Montana. It will be a hard day but not the hardest so far. The weather is expected to be overcast with some sprinkles which will be actually very nice.

Keep all the comments and sentiments coming, Grace reads them but has not had time to respond. She wants to say to you all how much she appreciates and loves you all.



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5 thoughts on “Day 10 – Birds with bear whistles

  1. Carrie

    GRACE! I am so proud of you! I don’t know you but am following your progress! IMPRESSIVE!!! What a great attitude! Love your GRIT girl!!! I am following one of my friends who is on the same ride and just stumbled across your name and pink flag while looking for his. I have enjoyed reading the updates about you. I am a fellow mt biker and bike packer and hope to do the Tour Divide someday in the near future!
    GO FOR IT GRACE! You are inspiring people you don’t even know!!! And I love that you are doing this YOUR way…being good to your body and soul! Cheers from me to you! Hugs, Carrie Hammond (Vista, CA) (Near San Diego!)

  2. petuniaflower

    Gracie, you are so missed but thinking of you daily. Sending good thoughts. You’ll make so many friends and you’ll come back even wiser than you are now. Keep it up, girl! Love and hugs coming your way. Oh yeah, be sure to smell that bear poop to make sure what kind it is!

  3. Greg

    Grace…. Was just sitting around and googled Amazing. Holy Crap…Your picture was first thing to pop up. 🙂 😉

  4. Regi Northover

    Hi Gracie, I happen to be in Bend, OR SINCE yesterday. Definitely a happening, outdoor kinda place – mountain biking is probably sport #1. Safe journey, wishing you all the best. I’m following you every day! Luv ya, Regi


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