Day 9 – Holland Lake Lodge!​UPDATED!

UPDATE! 1:30 PM CT Grace just checked in. She got to “The Lodge” it ended up being 114 miles and she arrived about 12:30AM. She was super beat down and tired. The Lodge was booked and she ended up having to camp. Luckily another camper was up and stowed her food in their car so she didn’t have to “Bear Bag” That was a super big help for her as we all know she not good at throwing that anchor rock 😉

The last few miles in last night was in the dark and this is when all the animals come out.  She saw an Elk,  A sweet little fox, a ton of bunnies and of yeah swarms of mosquitoes. Apart from the mosquitoes, Grace found a lot of company and peace with the animals.

Grace slept in till 9:30AM today and didn’t wake up once last night, she was knocked out! As it’s raining today and yesterday being a humdinger, she will take it easy and roll into Seeley lake 35 miles down the trail, she still has a 12-mile climb to look forward to today.

We should have a better update tomorrow with pictures and video from the trail.


Hi Everybody, sorry for the late check-in. I was hoping to hear from Grace and have some news for you, but she is in a “dead spot” still. She made it to her destination last night “The Lodge” for a 100 plus mile day. She is rolling strong folks!

Today Grace dedicates the day to Randolph Team:  Fisher Hutchens, Jerry Weber, Justin Hanna, Mark Vickers, Lynn Burbach, Brian Matthews, Tristen Hunnewell, John and Sara Hutchens, Pierson Burbach, Christopher Laney, Elliot Matthews and David Young.

Grace believes the future of cycling is with NICA teams. Today Randolph Team has pledged to ride in solidarity with Grace. THANK YOU Randolph Team, Grace feels your love.



4 thoughts on “Day 9 – Holland Lake Lodge!​UPDATED!

  1. Steve Nichols

    Dan, thanks for the updates! She is riding very strong. Her moving speed is matching some of the front runners in this adventure.
    Gracie you are awesome! Keep it up! We’ll see you when you get done. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Love Steve & Jen

  2. Cheryl Parrish

    You are strong and courageous! You planned for this. You trained for this. You are doing this because YOU CAN! We are sending you love.

  3. ovary up cycle

    Grace I’m sidelined with a mechanical on a gravel road visiting with butterflies and dragonflies and decided this was the perfect opportunity to check in on YOUR progress while I wait for rescue. Wonderful to read your adventures and I hope to follow in your tire tread very soon.

  4. Tom Gately

    Greatly appreciate the Grace updates and wish her the best as she continues to press on and ride strong.


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