Day 8 – Marmots!!!

Watching the tracker yesterday from Grace’s command center and I see she arrived in Whitefish, 91 miles and 6000 feet of climbing, riding just oiled roads and hiking over snowdrifts. This is the text I receive “Hey I’m at a bar, F@!ck yeah! I dreamed of beer all day”

She sounds amazing, full of energy and she says she feels 110% and the strongest she has felt in a long time. Yesterday’s ride had some diverse weather and she was caught in a hail storm for a while. She had a special moment with some marmots when a few of them joined her for a while and ran alongside her.

“Random thoughts by Grace Ragland”
– The payout for a climb is a sweet view but the reward is really the downhill.

Today Grace dedicates the day to Patti Folgman, she is my rock, my sister from another mister and she believes in me. Patti also found the gear that is getting Grace through this. Grace loves you and you are family.

Today Grace will try for “The Lodge” which is 105 miles down the road. She might end up camping, we will let you know… stay tuned.



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4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Marmots!!!

  1. Carey Lowery

    Whitefish! I love that place. The Whitefish Bike Resort, the Whitefish Trail, and the miles of beautiful rolling gravel. Glad your spirits are high. Fly like an eagle 🦅 lady!

  2. Eric Zubick

    Way to go Grace! I love the updates! You’ve officially made me a dot tracker! Hoping someday I’ll be the dot!
    Totally stoked for you and your Journey. You are AMAZING!


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