Day 7 – Onward to Whitefish

Hi Everyone! I spoke to Grace last night and she sounded GREAT!!! She reads your comments and feels your love… keep that all coming her way. If you have been watching her on the Tracker you can see she is really gaining ground now.

Grace actually did not stay in Butts Cabin, it was occupied by big game hunters so she carried fourth 25 miles to Wig Wam primitive camp. See her photos below. Apparently throwing the anchor rock to hoist her bear bag is the hardest part of this trip so far for her. Let’s just say it was good she still had her helmet on. The weather has been perfect and the temp has averaged 45 degrees. All her gear is working perfectly and she is most happy for her Showers Pass windproof gloves. If your hand’s aren’t happy you aren’t happy.  She was without cell service for the past 2 days and it was hard to get details. She actually tackled “The Wall” yesterday… she said it was brutal and it took 2 trips. One to take the gear off the bike, hike it up and then one more trip to get the bike up. She thought she was home free from climbing but 3K of climbing waited for her after the wall. The 30 minute decent after all the climbing made it all worth it for her.

Along the way Grace met her first Trail Angel, A logger pulled her over and gave her homemade fried chicken and a Skor candy bar. She was so touched by this gesture of kindness.

Last night she stayed in a hotel in Eureka Montana and left fresh and ready to kick ass today. 91 Miles to Whitefish is the plan.

In her words, check out her call into MTBcast last night.

Please visit her Bike MS page:  Biking for a world free of MS If this doesn’t work correctly please e-mail Victoria Rutledge at


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