Day 6 – Murica!

Good Morning everyone! Last night Grace survived “The Wall” She had to remove her bags to take them up the hill and then come down for the bike. Yes, it’s that steep. And she made it to Butt Cabins (Insert butt jokes) <- here. Today she will roll into the good ol’ USA and we hope border patrol lets her in. She is in a communication dead spot so I could not get more info for you today. Once I talk hopefully tonight I will post a better update on how things are going out there.

Today Grace wants to dedicate her ride to the Colorado Kids:  Drew Eskrom, Dawson Sanders, Joe Penley and Katie Soto!  I challenge this group to go ride for 3 hours and let me know the did it!  Add as much climbing as possible!!  I’ll bring home a prize for whoever climbs the most!!! Bring it or as they now say “Send it”

Thank you again! for your love and support!


Not kidding! There really is a Butts Cabin.

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Murica!

  1. Tony Bryant

    All respect to the person who is doing the daily blog reports for Grace. Great job and so kind and generous of U. Tony Bryant Watching from Chicago!!!

  2. Eric Zubick

    Thanks Dan I love that your doing this for her and us. What a great time saver. So proud of her! Sending all of our Zubick love!!!!


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