Day 5 – Rolling full speed to Butt

Hi Everyone! I spoke to Grace last night and she sounded GREAT!!! Full of energy and fully back in the game. Yesterday was one of the most difficult days which included a 4-hour “Hike a Bike” do to avalanches, this left the trail unrideable to any skill level of rider.

Grace would like to dedicate today to Claudia Manning and Lliki Moyer!  Two of my bestie friends in MS!  Strong ladies with wonderful attitudes! We share the same passion for Paying it Forward to others and especially to those who think the can’t!!!!  Love these two ladies!

Thank you to everyone for your comments and well wishes. Grace does read them but unfortunately can’t reply due to long days in the saddle. She wanted to make sure her THANK YOU with all her heart gets out to you all!

Last night Grace stayed in a hotel in Fernie, had a hot meal and a shower. These luxury days are about to end as she will have to start camping soon. Today she in onward to Butt  Cabin. Yup… you read that right… Butt Cabin. I will keep you posted! Today will be 47 miles with 8K of climbing!

Please check out this video, it was some photos and video from yesterday… Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Day 5 – Rolling full speed to Butt

  1. Claudia

    Aw, I got a dedication! Grace is someone I respect, and admire since the day I met her in 2013 shortly after I was diagnosed with MS. She has been my inspiration and more importantly, a friend. She is truly an amazing person. Go Gracie, pedal!!!


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