Day 4 – Back in the saddle again!

Hi Folks!!! Grace is back up and rolling today. She sounds a ton better and is ready to tackle this thing.

Today she wants to dedicate this route and day to the  RCCB (Rocket City Cycle Belles) Make sure to donate to the team Rocket City Cycle Belles Donate to Bike MS here!  Bike MS: Rocket City 2018

The ride to Fernie will be 63 miles and will include 6 miles of “Hike a Bike” this is where the trail is too hard for anyone to ride. The trail will include several creek crossings and will be above treeline in some parts plus it is expected to be 34 degrees today. It will certainly be a challenging day. The good news is Grace has a hotel room waiting for her tonight.

We will keep you posted and of course, you can watch her progress and track her real-time.



Let’s DO THIS!



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Listen to Grace from the trail.

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