Day 3… Grace is better and ready to rock.

Hi Everyone!!! Thank you so much for all you love and support! GOOD NEWS!!! Grace is ready to rock tomorrow!!! We will keep you posted.

In her own words 🙂

Tomorrows Hike a Bike!

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3 thoughts on “Day 3… Grace is better and ready to rock.

  1. Frances

    Glad you are on the mend! We were in Fernie last year. It’s a big MTB town with a nice downtown. Safe Travels! ~ Frances and Eddy

  2. Dean

    Hi Gracie
    Even if i don’t post everyday, remember that I am with you in spirit as I have been since your first Leadville. I know you have time to keep, but remember to look around and enjoy the beauty around you and soak it up. I’ll be sending you good thoughts throughout each day and watching your journey on the live map.
    Just remember, its all downhill from here. 😉
    With much love and a HUGE hug,


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