Setting Sail!

Here we go, folks! Tour Divide 2018. This is Dan Lysk and I will be keeping you up to date on all things Grace on this incredible journey. Check here every day for all the latest news and updates. Please feel free to send messages and words of encouragement to and I will post here and make sure she gets your messages! We will have lots of media and stories from Grace… stay tuned!

“Hi Grace.  We don’t know each other well however I’ve been watching you prepare for your upcoming Tour Divide and I am in awe.  You are an inspiration!  Just watching you makes me strive for challenges I never imagined.  Thanks for that!  YOU don’t need a ‘best of luck’ because you have been preparing for this for so long.  You are ready and more than able.  I’ll be watching and will enjoy watching you conquer this challenge.  Take care and be careful.  See you in Sep.”  -KB


Keep up with Grace links! 

Daily WordPress Blog and daily posting on the trail.

Where is Grace? Track her in real time.

Listen to Grace from the trail.

Fund Grace

Get in touch with Grace, Contact





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