Ouachita Challenge 2018

The Ouachita Challenge has been on my bucket list for several years and this was the year to check the box!  This race sells out in less than an hour!  This year they started registration at the crazy hour of 2:00 AM.  That did not deter the registers.  BOOM sold out again! 

There are actually two events offered on separate days.  For those curious about the challenge can choose to ride the “Tour” on Sat which consists of most of the same trails with the exception of Blowout mountain.

The actual Race is just that!  An all out balls to the wall, who has the skills and lungs to make the 60 miles in the fastest time.  This race was one of my all-time favorite courses which consisted of relentless climbs, rocky technical sections just ridable enough to keep you on your bike but forcing you to focus completely on the trail and nothing else.  After each climb, you were rewarded with a crazy fun technical, twisty and rocky yet “flowy” descent that seemed to go on forever.  After miles of climbing and rocking descents, the course dumped you out on a road in order to connect you with the next incredible trail section.  This continued for 60 miles!

When all was complete I had made new friends, exceeded many expectations, kicked my own booty and finished in 6:37.  All of the ladies who finished ahead of me were let’s just say, a few years younger…..I finished in 7th place and most importantly I was very SATISFIED with my fitness.  Hard work pays off!

Huge thanks to my coach Kym Fasczewski, Heather Hankins for Photo and video credits, my awesome team Steel City She, Cahaba Cycles, Infinit Nutrition, Randolph Raiders and Dan Lysk for putting together videos and helping me with my blog.

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