Thank you Cahaba Cycles!

Thank you Cahaba Cycles for your continued support!  My new weapon the 2018 Salsa Cutthroat, might be by far my coolest weapon in my current artillery.  This weapon is going to be used to carry me across the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) this summer.  We are adding the bike bags slowly so I can get use to the bags being attached to my bike.  Next to add to the bike will be my Salsa frame and gas tank bags.  In mid April I will do my 1st shakedown trip in North Carolina in order to check out all of my gear.  It has been fun to see Cahaba get excited about this adventure along with me!  Now all I need to do is to “Keep My Eye On the Prize” and finish!  Stay tuned for more of my blogs to see how you can follow this journey as it is actually happening.

How you can be a part of my tribe: GoFund me or buy a piece of needed gear for this journey.

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