Happy Birthday Grace

Hi Folks! This is Dan Lysk… Social media help and friend of Grace’s. Today March 7th is Grace’s Birthday. And yes… she is 21 years old 😉


If you have meet Grace you know there is no one else like her and you want her in your circle of friends. Today we celebrate Grace and all she brings to this world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACE!!!!

20180217_202031Grace is getting ready to embark on the biggest Journey of her life and to prove MS will not keep her down. She will tackle the Tour Divide this year. On June 8th she will set out from Banff, Canada and ride to New Mexico, 2,745 miles of solo ultra-endurance bike-packing racing. Grace does not need much in life to keep her happy and lives humble and with little means. But to complete this journey she will need your help.

Please consider donating to Grace at her GoFund me or buy a piece of needed gear for this journey.




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grace

  1. Greg 'Sourdough' Foster

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE! Make it a Great Day, Make a Memory and enjoy Anne’s Kitty Time today! You are an inspiration beyond compare! Happy to call you a friend and hey, if you want a real challenge, my MTB instructor. hahahah


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